Step 1: Understand The Needs
Our trainers meet with the business owners to understand their needs. Using diagnostic tools we clarify what your needs are and what end goals you would like to achieve from the program.

Step 2: Funding Checks
There are various State and Federal funding options available. We are able to provide assistance with applications for funding and provide advice on gaining other government/taxation incentives. We help you assess and apply for Government funding.

Step 3: Design the Course
Units for the course are selected based on the needs identified by the business. Session duration, delivery method and program sequence are outlined and agreed upon. Offering flexible on site training options allows for minimal downtime, with maximum benefit improving overall business efficiency. With no formal requirements, it is assumed that the staff have some current or past work experience on which to draw comparison to.

Step 4: Deliver
Deliver the competency based program in a method suitable to the audience catering for a range of language, literacy and numeracy levels.

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